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Adult Basic • 6 week course • Dogs can join this class at 6 months and must be up to date on rabies, distemper and kennel cough vaccines.

Each class is semi-private with no more then 5 people per class in order for us to focus on personal behavior problems your family might be having.

Puppy Basic • 6 week course • Puppies can start at 8 weeks and must be up to date on rabies (if old enough), distemper and kennel cough vaccines.

• This class is highly recommended for people interested in going on to AKC CGC or Therapy dog training.

Trick Class • 4 week course • Must be 6 months old and have graduated from a basic obedience class or have prior approval from the behavior specialist.

Intermediate • 6 week course • Must be at least 6 months old and have graduated either the puppy or the adult basic obedience class.

• More advanced behaviors are covered: Off Leash Heeling, Sit and Down from a distance, Targeting, Recall with a Finish, etc.

We promise to deliver a safe, sparkling clean, and friendly environment that your dog will want to visit time and time again and you will trust every time! Playing and socializing with others in our indoor play area, with special flooring and our large outdoor play area, will provide your dog with a fun, safe, and stimulating day.

As Boise’s best dog boarding facility, we have created an exciting atmosphere for your dog.

• Main trick is retrieving a beverage from the fridge!

• Other tricks include: spin, twirl, bow, play dead/roll over, leg weave, sticking tongue out.

Package deals are available for 4 one hour sessions for $225 or 6 one hour sessions for $275. We make sure your furbaby is safe, playing with carefully selected friends while learning from our experienced staff.