Start Cam to cam no registration

Cam to cam no registration

You may use the pre-arrival registration pages to apply for a CRSid.

Police personnel may request to view and copy video images captured by your camera to assist in the investigation of a crime.

It allows you the Citizens of Buffalo, NY to register your cameras which may help deter crime and assist the Department with their crime prevention strategies in your neighborhood.

Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes of time.

The goal of the Buffalo Safe Cam program is to promote public safety in collaboration between the Buffalo Police Department and the citizens of Buffalo.

As with any electronic product, software is a key component to the function of that product.

Each request is treated separately, and each institution will be given a different registration code.

When the matching process is done then, as long as the data supplied is sufficient (and correct), the result will be one database record with two registration codes, either of which can be used to collect passwords.

You may cancel your registration at any time by sending an email to: Buffalo Safe [email protected]