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Dating rebound services

An effective way to relieve congestion naturally is with a saline (salt and water) nasal spray.

Schachter says drinking tea with honey or another warm liquid is probably just as effective as medication for soothing a cough.

Before cold and flu season gets into full swing, arm yourself against germs. That's the single most important thing you can do," says Aaron Glatt, MD, president and chief executive officer of St. Web MD's experts have the goods on the must-have cold and flu remedies this season.

If a cold or flu does catch you, make sure your medicine chest is stocked with everything you need to relieve your most miserable symptoms.

It could be strep throat or another bacterial infection.

A variety of natural remedies have been touted as cold relievers, but do any of them work?

Studies show high doses of vitamin C -- up to 2,000 milligrams -- help reduce cold symptoms, but these high doses might cause side effects, such as stomach upset.

Schachter says taking 500 milligrams of vitamin C at the onset or for the first few days of a cold can't hurt.

In fact, that's one way you can pick up either one, when someone near you coughs and droplets are sprayed onto any nearby surface.