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“It’s about finding your own truth – Maria Segovia coming forward and speaking out about what she feels.

He opened up about the health scare in March, reportedly saying at a film festival in his Malaga, Spain, hometown: “I suffered a heart attack on Jan.

“Fortunately they understood early on that this is a movie; it’s not a documentary,” said Lou Diamond Phillips, who played the mine foreman Luis Urzua. At first you could see them being a little dubious about it. “That was kind of frustrating for me –because the film is not called Mario Sepulveda, it’s called The 33. Some of the 33 have returned to work in mines, but others have struggled with flashbacks and nightmares.

“That there has to be a structure in which to dramatise what happened to them – it can’t tell every single detail. But as the days went on, and the filming went on, they got used to the process of how we made movies, you could see them embracing it.” For Mr Sepulveda, the chance to spend time with the man who is arguably the Spanish-speaking world’s biggest star was remarkable. “It was difficult,” he said, screwing up his face, shuddering.

They went to a law firm in Santiago, which contacted a New York talent agency, which in turn sold the book and film rights for $150m to a production company. The resulting film stars Banderas as Mario, Gabriel Byrne as Andre Sougarret, the chief engineer, and Juliette Binoche as Maria Segovia – sister of one of the miners.

Nine of the 33 are suing their lawyers over the deal for the film rights, claiming they were only given a fraction of the sums they deserved. Nicknamed the “Queen of Camp Hope” – the tented city at the entrance to the collapsed mine shaft, where the families stayed to wait for news – she was one of the feistiest of rabble rousers, demanding the government rescue their men. “It’s about faith,” she said, talking to The Telegraph in a New York hotel, in the midst of a promotional whirlwind. It’s about finding solutions where there appear to be no solutions.

Telling the story of the miners’ 69-day ordeal, it is the project on which they have all fixed their hopes of financial salvation and a secure future.

Some have seen their dreams come true: Mr Sepulveda, perhaps the most famous of all, has set up his own company giving motivational speeches.

He and Kimpel were spotted out at the beach on Wednesday, with the actor flaunting his fit figure in a pair of dark swim trunks.