Start Steps for updating hpux with update ux

Steps for updating hpux with update ux

The EFI driver is the software piece that runs on the Integrity Server to access the card.

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Online versions are available at and Updating - Be sure to read the version that corresponds to the date on the installation CDs.

No Firmware update is necessary to use the card under HPUX, new Firmware revisions come with new OS drivers.

BOOTING FROM SAN: Only when a boot through a fibre channel card is made, the Risc Firmware from the card flash rom is used, but even in this case only until the OS driver comes online. There is a 2nd flash ROM with the EFI driver (EFI=Extensible Firmware Interface, the BIOS of an Integrity Server).

IA(IPF) : the fibre channel PCI card has two flash ROMs with -Risc Firmware (for the storage processor on the card) EFI driver (runs on the CPU of the server, the driver to access the card from EFI shell on Itanium systems) So we can divide if you need to boot the OS from SAN or not: NOT BOOTING FROM SAN: As soon as the driver comes online during OS boot, it sets some registers on the card and forces it to use the Risc Firmware provided by driver.

With this setup it is always 100% sure that the driver works with a supported Firmware.

Forinformation on obtaining release notes for a firmware package, see step 7 in Downloading Firmware Packages .