Start Updating genius on ipod touch

Updating genius on ipod touch

Or download albums and tracks to listen to offline.

An attempted upgrade to i OS 5 bricked my i Pod Touch, forcing me to spend hours restoring the device.

What steps should you take if this happens and how do you protect yourself before you update your i OS device?

Touch the back button to refresh the list (force the i Pod to make new choices) or create a new one. Note that Genius playlists are named for the original target track.

You can view screenshots of the process in the gallery below.

While it plays, tap the screen to bring up the familiar progress bar.

You'll notice the Genius icon is displayed, indicating that it's working on a Genius playlist.

After a restoration job that took a few hours, my i Pod Touch was back in business and fully loaded with i OS 5.

The only drawback is that this type of restore typically leaves your icons disorganized and floating outside their original folders.

That will create a new and full backup of all your apps and other data.

Next, I've heard reports of people who've bumped into problems connecting their Apple device to a USB hub rather than to their computer.

before the release of i OS 5; it will not go any further than 4.2.1 due to hardware restrictions and the end of support from Apple.