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Contrary to the assumption of the 19th-century's academy (who thought she was imitating Rodin's work) Claudel's presence in Rodin's studio cast an important influence over his work, rather than the other way around, Le Cornec says."You can tell the difference in his sculptures before and after Camille appeared in his life.

Rodin, already in a committed relationship and 25 years her senior, was not prepared to leave his long-term partner, Rose Beuret, though he promised her that he would.

The destructive aftermath of the affair consumed her to such a degree that she threw away much of her work and was admitted to an asylum, where she lived for 30 years.

It was after her father had died that she found herself on the streets of Paris, dressed in beggar's clothes.

Now at her most vulnerable, her brother admitted her to a lunatic asylum.

The drama will revolve around the letters that Claudel wrote and received at the two asylums she was confined in, in the last three decades of her life, and in it, Le Cornec argues against the assumption that Claudel was "insane"."She was an incredible artist who changed the history of art.

As a woman sculptor working in the 19th century, she was also one of the first women to work at Rodin's studio as an assistant," she says.

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The very idea was not acceptable from a woman's hand, whereas from Rodin's hand, work influenced by Claudel's daring, became acceptable as men are allowed to know about sexual desire and the body."Gradually, Claudel began to feel persecuted. What made her public profile all the more contentious was her unmarried status.