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Who is porschla coleman dating

The child is the third for Jason and Porschla Kidd.

Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd missed Monday's game against the Washington Wizards after the birth of his daughter.

Kidd's wife, Porschla, gave birth to Cooper Anne Kidd on Sunday.

After a tumultuous 10-year marriage to NBA star Jason Kidd , a messy divorce and five years raising her three kids as a single mom, Joumana Kidd is ready to come clean.

“People that I never would have thought abandoned me and the kids,” she tells Metropolis Nights Magazine in an interview out in full Oct. “I kept thinking everyone was going to be in one room and jump out and say, ‘Surprise!

In her counterclaim, Joumana alleged that Jason had carried on affairs with strippers, drank excessively and beat her.

(Jason was arrested in 2001 for punching Joumana in the mouth.) In the interview, she opens up about an incident at a New Jersey Nets game in December 2006 when she allegedly had her son steal Kidd’s phone from the locker room so she could go through his texts and yell at him from her courtside seats.

“I will say that most women put in that position would have acted the same way, or at least wanted to,” says the advice columnist.