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Adult chatting rooms that don t require a credit card

Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, crime was on the rise. The strange thing, though, is that since then, it’s been going back down. Today we are back to the crime level of 1970, according to Dept. So — unbelievable as it seems — if you were playing outside as a kid in the ’70s or ’80s, your kids are actually SAFER outside than you were!

Law & Order was something you believed in, not something on the air 8 nights a week, made to look depressingly real.

The other day I got a letter from a guy in an old Brooklyn neighborhood where they shoot a lot of Law & Order scenes.

I read a four-page article in a parenting magazine the other day on “How to Have a Fun and Totally Safe Day in the Sun” — as if it is so hard to have a safe day outside with your kid that you need four pages of instructions!

We are bombarded by warnings that make us feel our kids need constant supervision and help or they will die.

It was put on the air after countless psychologists and child specialists signed off on it.

But at the very beginning of the DVD, before you see any of this, there’s a warning: “For adult viewing only.” In just one generation, what was considered a normal, happy, HEALTHY childhood has become considered WILDLY dangerous. We’re swimming in fear soup — fear of lawsuits, fear of injury, fear of abductions, fear of blame.

As if they couldn’t possibly walk a couple of blocks, or make their own lunch or climb a tree without hurting themselves, or struggling too much. They’re kids who are expected to WANT to grow up and do things on their own.