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Pitfalls of dating

Remember that the Spanish are generally highly qualified and already possess all the skills that exist in Northern Europe.

But it bears no resemblance to what it was fifteen or twenty years ago.

Indeed, the cost of living is rising all the time and you should make allowances within your finances for this – and any unexpected financial demands.

If you need to work then make sure that you bring to Spain a niche skill and recognise that unless you are completely fluent that you will have little likelihood of finding work easily within the Spanish marketplace.

This normally means being within close proximity to a reasonable number of like-minded natives from your own country.

Make your move completely consensual – and do not relocate unless it is.

Often, she was reluctant to leave her family and friends permanently in the first place and finds it hardest to tolerate any absence.

With the arrival of grandchildren, her desire to be close to them becomes hard to resist and will initiate the return. A lack of genuine consensus about relocating between couples.

But, if you have tight finances then Spain can be an unforgiving place to be and this can lead quickly to disillusionment. Gaining employment is very difficult when you are living in Spain, unless you are completely fluent in Spanish or have a niche skill that is required in the country.