Start Friends for dating in

Friends for dating in

They’re between 28 and 40, that time of life when you’ve Friend-dating is a total slog.

I took an art class this winter at some random studio in Gowanus through Course Horse.

I did it with the intention to just do something different, and like maybe meet some boy and have a reason to delete Bumble forever, but the only guys in my class were this cool 40-year-old gay guy and a dude who didn’t really speak English.

Many weeks passed where we try to tell our boys to write down phone numbers, or give them our phone number, and damn if kids are just like the most distracted and useless information holders.

Anyway, I finally deciphered a pencil scribbled phone number on a scrap of paper.

Moving from Minneapolis to Cedar Rapids with my husband when I was 22 and didn’t have a job was one of the loneliest times in my life.

I started working out just to talk to old people in the gym.

We’ve hung out since class ended, going to concerts and art shows.

I moved cities four years ago and nearly all of the friends I made are from my Cross Fit gym.

I would stay at home with my baby, rearrange the knickknacks and books on the shelf, and when my husband would get home from work ask him to spot the changes.

When I moved to San Diego I answered this ad on Craigslist that two girls posted looking for friends to go camping with. Also I hate camping, it was just the only ad that seemed to be written by real people. In Portland, I lived in a house and we had Sunday dinners that were pretty open and casual — if any of us met people out in the world, we’d invite them and sometimes people would come.

Sadder than the loneliness — which is not that bad, really — is the sadness of saying it!