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People living next door ten years ago, for example, may still live there, and may still remember your relatives.

They are usually located in the public library serving a particular city.

When I first started in genealogy, I was living in Seattle, where I soon discovered the wonderful collection of city directories at the main Seattle Public Library.

It was profitable for the directory companies to publish annual name lists until the population of a city exceeded one million people.

After that, directories for the larger cities became regionalized into neighborhoods, suburbs, or downgraded to include just businesses or trade organizations.

Similarly, Boston’s city directories at the Boston Public Library begin with directories from the 1720s. The company still exists, but its business is now information services related to the automotive industry (CARFAX is a Polk operation).

There have been many different directory publishers, but the largest publisher of old city directories was the R. Polk Company, producing directories for every major city in the U. During the 1970s, 1980s, and into the 1990s, the R. Polk Company had offices in the 50 largest cities of America, where a free library of the current city directories for that city area could be visited in person.

In some years, there was more than one directory from competing directory companies, and adding to the resources are Seattle telephone directories for over 60 years.

The city directories provide an unmatched source for finding the exact place a person lived, and often an alternate source to identify residents for a particular time period.

The cross-street index is also a resource to find people whose names may have changed.

For example, say a woman living alone at a particular address in 1938 disappears in the 1939 directory.

Their collection of city directories, with some gaps in the early years, dates back to 1877. From about 1885 forward, the collection is complete for every year, with an annual city directory for Seattle and its environs.

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