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Major attractions include the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, the Lunt Fort, a reconstructed Roman fort, the Midland Air Museum and the Belgrade Theatre.

The city is ancient, predating nearby Leicester and Birmingham and has a rich history (see history of Coventry), but much of central Coventry is modern in appearance due to extensive rebuilding after the city was devasted by air raids in World War II.

People from Coventry are known as Coventrians, the most famous Coventrian probably being Lady Godiva, who is famed for her naked horse ride through the city nearly a thousand years ago (also see Tennyson's poem - "Godiva").

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) Browse Coventry hotels » Nearly a third of a million people live within the city of Coventry, making it England's ninth largest city.

Nuneaton has a great shopping centre (Ropewalk), many historic buildings and the town even has its own carnival which takes place in June.

Built around the River Leam, with grand architecture and beautiful parkland, Royal Leamington Spa, often abbreviated to just Leamington Spa, is about ten miles south of Coventry.

Around the turn of the 20th Century, Coventry made a name for itself in first bicycle then automobile manufacture; with such pioneers as Rover plying their trade from the city's industrial district Coventry became an important player in the British motor industry until its decline in the 70s.

During World War II, Coventry's high concentration of manufacturing plants which were providing a huge contribution to the war effort made it a major target for the German Luftwaffe air raids.

The Malvern and Brueton Park with its picturesque lake is one of the best and is the most centrally located one, close to the town's main shopping area.

Solihull hosts some of the region's most important hotspots including the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham International Airport and the Birmingham Business Park.

The market which grew up around the abbey went on to become a bustling mercantile hub and so the town flourished.