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Clearly following the dictum that the best place to hide a tree is in a forest, George’s decision to settle in a slum called Huruma — which is scarred by alcoholism, drug addiction and violence — means his own destructive behaviour attracts little attention.

‘I was the only guy with a white father in my street.

I wanted to be the same as the other black kids,’ he says.

George recalls he was playing football when his brother arrived to say hello.

The second time their paths crossed was when Obama — then a Senator — was on a tour of East Africa in 2006, and visited Nairobi to see his family.

Published in 2012, it details how he turned his back on a middle-class Kenyan upbringing to live among the desperately poor in Nairobi’s infamous slums.

The book’s precis tell us: ‘George chooses to live in the Nairobi ghetto, where he works to help the ghetto-dwellers, and especially the slum kids, overcome the challenges surrounding their lives.’And the book quotes George thus: ‘My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

George first met his now-famous sibling in a playground when he was at primary school.

Barack was a young visitor to Nairobi just a few years after their father died in a car crash.

But, as I discovered, this may prove beyond George.

Indeed, standing — let alone talking much sense or walking in a straight line — is tricky for the U. President’s brother much of the time, due to his chronic addiction to drink and years of drug abuse.

And no, I don’t consider the 151.515 Ethiopian-born Americans as the real deal. They are the proof that interracial dating is freaking awesome.