Start Speed dating atlanta over 50

Speed dating atlanta over 50

Like Porsha Williams – suddenly it’s her life-long dream to be an actress? Anyway, now Porsha is doing a play, but it ain’t no Broadway, it’s some local theater but at least she gets to work with the greats like Vivica A Fox. Her wig definitely needs some adjusting in the attitude department.

Even though Brielle “adores” Ne Ne, Brielle told her mom, because Kim knows a guy, “Carl from Orkin.” Of KIM has an exterminator on her speed dial, but what crawled up under her wig?!

The most interesting thing from last night was Sheree getting a call from Tyrone and trying to hide it from Kairo, who came home from college to surprise his mama with dinner.

Kim decides Ne Ne is just mad because she saw her park her “rent-a-rolls” in a handicapped spot and Sheree snickers like she owns her cars!

Kim also decides Ne Ne is “mentally unstable” and “on something.” To prove it, Kim whips out that video Brielle took of cockroaches in Ne Ne’s bathroom. During the guys and gays white on rice enchiladas and hot sauce party? Also Brielle stayed in Ne Ne’s roach motel long enough to count 16 cockroaches, then snapchat them?!

Yes, seriously the only reason people vacation in Brazil is legalized prostitution! Sheree Whitfield believes a few meetings with a life coach qualifies her to give out life advice, so she invites Kim and Ne Ne to dinner so they can talk. Ne Ne can’t discuss this over casual dinner, because she needs help from a higher power.

Kim and Sheree are amusing in the way that shady bitches who are feeling rowdy and vengeful are. Before the appetizers are out, she’s already encouraged Sheree to go for it with her imprisoned lover Tyrone (Sheree could join the cast of ! Then Kim titters that Kandi Burruss offered to eat her box. Maybe Kandi just wanted to see if Kim wears a wig ‘down there’. That higher power happens to have a store in Atlanta, thankfully.

Sheree actually did need to sit down – her back is still messed up and girl was rolling out of the house wearing a bathrobe paired with Louboutins. as Kandi points out Brielle is 20 and practically lives with her man, but Kim probably had to keep her phone in case the need for an emergency sexy selfie arose! She certainly has a type, though, and that type is “opportunist” (See: Thomas, Peter).

She also had a muscle reaction, which according to Porsha, is cause for much celebration. Those three cackling hens roll into MBele’s studio carrying a Firkin full of bad juju that throws everything off. She was all skeptical of this negative energy madame, but as soon as MBele started going in on Kim, Kenya was peace, loving spirit, and kumbaya in her defense. Kim refused to hand over her phone because she has “six babies at home,” plus Kroy is bringing home pizza. Also, did y’all notice that for all her “I HAVE SIX BABIES” Kim was constantly throwing around “on my kids life” to give credence to anything that came out of her trout-pout. Kim, champion of love, mumbles that Cynthia should follow her heart.

It’s clear they were waiting for Will to actually show up.

When he did, Cynthia started giggling like a schoolgirl, which I thought was cute.

Finally, Ne Ne decided to invade the zoo and train all these elephants to respect their keeper.