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Spanking dating free

While e Harmony has a downloadable app version, as a service it attracts a user base with an average age of 35 through to 54.

Most people have good idea about their type physically, but by answering the questions on the app it makes them think deeper about the type of personality they are looking for,” he says.

Australian start-up Two Peas is the latest dating app to hit the market. Second is the app’s no-nonsense approach to harassment.

Max Kenny, 28, is the founder of Two Peas, the newest player in the game of transforming your smartphone into a 24/7 singles bar. From staving off total creeps, to watching would-be relationships die over banal text message exchanges (“Haha”, “Awww”), it's remarkable that anyone has the energy for digital dating at all. Firstly, rather than the hot-or-not Tinder swipe approach, Two Peas matches you with potential partners based on personality and lifestyle compatibility.

Some of these are important questions in their own right.

Indeed, there are gradations to corporal punishment.

In May, Adrian Peterson beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch, according to a police report that cites Peterson's own testimony. It implicitly conflates discipline with criminality — spanking is legal in every single state, while child abuse is not — and suggests that Peterson is merely accused of doing something about 70 percent of Americans think is an acceptable form of punishment.

He hit his son so badly that it left open wounds and welts on the boy's back, legs, buttocks, and scrotum. A telling example came immediately after Peterson's indictment, from CNN anchor Chris Cuomo: Cuomo later walked back his use of "spanking" after seeing photos of the abuse, but simply substituted the word "hitting" instead.

The term invokes Rockwell-esque imagery of a sage father bending Junior over his knee and teaching him some discipline — in other words, an understandable, acceptable facet of Americana.