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Maite perroni dating

I have always followed her and she wasn’t like that. In the controversial scene, which airs this week, the same-sex duo share a loving kiss in front of shocked neighbors.

The show gained huge popularity internationally and so did the actress Maite Perroni.

Maite Perroni in Cuidado Con El Ángel Source: After that show, Perroni went on singing for lead roles in many other projects including opposite amazing actors like William Levy and Eugenio Siller.

But there are other issues that have been raised regarding them, especially on morals.

Are they fit for all, including minors - meaning less than 18 years?

Maite is very much conserved in her personal life as she doesn’t really post anything on social media sites.

She was in the relationship with her boyfriend Mana De La Parra in 2011 which did not last long and the two got separated in 2012.https:// Liau G/?

She moved to Mexico Guadalajara along with her younger brothers Adolfo and Francisco when she was 12.https:// E/?

taken-by=maitepb From Maite's young age, she dreamed of being an actor and appeared in numerous TV commercials and in some music videos as well.

On social media, some applauded the network’s groundbreaking storyline, while others argued that it was inappropriate and offensive. Love is Love.” Another took a more critical view: “Parents we need to open our eyes about our children’s education because they want to invert our moral values and forcing our kids [and] grandkids to change the natural order that God created since the beginning of the world.

Man and woman should form families.” The ultraconservative organization Citizen GO launched a petition that garnered 25,000 signatures demanding the show be removed from the line up for “normalizing homosexuality.” @papaatmof no se queda sin contar historias reales con respeto , con amor ,con calidad .

I am very proud to be part of this path and of this story that reflects what we live today in our society and our own families,” she wrote.