Start Ptsd and dating

Ptsd and dating

In order to understand what is involved in having and using a service dog, and deciding if a service dog is even right for you, you HAVE to do a lot of research!

I do ask that you be completely honest with yourself before making a decision.

There is a lot involved in training and/or using a service dog, that man are unaware of.

YOU being here and reading this is a huge step no matter where you stand on the subject.

You might be the one suffering from it, the spouse/partner, the parent, the child, the relative, the friend, the one that is just curious, or even the one that does not believe it exists.

I find it sad that these very people are the ones judged and carrying the stigma that goes with mental illnesses/disorders.

They didn’t ask for this to happen, just as a person fighting cancer or one whom has lost a leg did not ask for it, it just happens.

If you do not have, and make the time to research, then you really should not even consider self-training, not to sound harsh, just stating the facts.

Learn the service dog laws (Federal and State), talk to other service dog teams, visit quality (a word you will hear me say A LOT!

I want to start this journal of mine by saying “Welcome” to everyone!

My name is Rebecca also called “Becky or Bec” by my family and friends.

Outbursts over a service dog conflict, especially in businesses that are uneducated are NOT going to benefit you or other service dog teams. It will all depend on the time and effort you put into it, as well as the dog’s ability! Many may make great emotional support dogs (which do NOT have public access rights) and many may make great pets.